Are your prenatals right for you?

Thank you so much for watching my video on Whole Foods nutrition versus prenatal vitamins. 

The whole food nutrition capsules that I recommend have NSF certification. that means that an independent third-party has researched it and certifies that what the label says is in the product is actually in it and nothing else!

It is also bioavailable. This means that it gets into your bloodstream and goes straight to your cells and helps your body heal and grow more healthy.

Pharmacist Casey Schloss, said she could not find one prenatal vitamin that was bio available!!! That means there was no prescription that guaranteed that it was actually getting into the bloodstream and doing what it was supposed to do!

The reasons that people take vitamins/ supplements is because they aren’t getting what they need from food. So why are you take a supplement for something that is fractionated an isolated when you could just get it from food?

Bio chemist (PhD and cellular biology) Dr. Mitra Ray, has done years of research on this subject. She has written many articles and she says: 

Most doctors, especially those who have not heard of Juice Plus+, recommend a prenatal vitamin. I wrote this to help doctors, other health care professionals, and expecting mothers to understand why it is important to look at whole food supplementation and the hidden dangers of prenatal. Most of all, I wish you the best, as you journey into motherhood!


Dr. William Sears who has been a pediatrician for decades  takes this every day and nothing else. He tells expectant mothers that it is both safe and beneficial to take during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

There is no other nutraceutical on the planet with as much research and science backing it up as this product has!

And it is very important to me that you know that I am a Health Coach First! That means I want to help and encourage you and lead you to the most researched products available. So far, I am only comfortable recommending one.  That is because it is just whole food!If I find something better than this I promise I will let you know about it! 😀💕My number one goal is to support you!

If this sounds like something you know you need, and want to get them right away, great!

Click the button below and it will take you to a page with three bottles. They are three different blends of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Click on the green “add to cart” button. It will send you to check out page or you can click the cart icon to checkout.

Your order will be for a four month supply. Why four months? Because that is how long it takes for your cells to rejuvenate! Yes! In 120 days you will have new cells, including your unborn baby’s cells.

Maybe you still have questions? Or you want free vitamins for your children?


Maybe you think this is too good to be true! If so, let’s chat! We can see if this would be right for you or not. Also, let’s chat if you have a child in your life that you would like to have me help gift this product to for free! They can get it in the form of a capsule or a gummy! We have so much to talk about! I hope we can chat soon!